I have always loved being on the beach in Cochin, maybe its because of the number of hours that I have spent on it almost every day, or maybe its because of the fond memories I have of playing there in the sand and along the shore with my friends. Its difficult to put into words what exactly draws me to the beach, maybe it’s a combination of the above, and the sheer joy of being so close to nature.

1/13 sec @ f11 ISO 100

One can spend hours here, the most enjoyable time of the day is the evening…watching the sun set beneath the endless ocean, throwing a myriad of colours into the sky, and have them reflected back onto the sea shore.

1/80 sec @ f6.3 ISO 100

To be able to sit on the rocks that are abundant along the sea shore and just breathe in the salty air, watching the sky in front of you turn from shades of pale yellow to a flaming red, (sometimes almost as if it is on fire) is something that has to be experienced, no amount of writing will describe how this place transforms itself right in front of your very eyes in a short period of time.

1/2 Sec @ f11 ISO 100

It is no wonder that there are always so many visitors to the beach. People come from all over the state, sometimes from out of the state as well to admire this spectacle. It was only after we had taken up photography that I truly appreciated how amazing nature is.

1/60 sec @ f6.3 ISO 100

On some days the ocean is calm, with gentle waves lapping the shore. Most of the time, on days like this, the sky takes on a pink hue, almost to match the mood of the ocean. Its when you really get drawn into nature.

3/5 Sec @ f6.3 ISO 200

Clouds have always played an important part in the beauty of the beach, and more often than not, you will see several clouds sailing across the magenta and orange streaked skies , while a few small weeds bob along gently on a pink sea.

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